Simon Marty

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In 1984, Simon Marty was given an Australian Government grant to use advanced research methods (laser holography and computer finite-element analysis) to explore and further develop his design innovations. Simon began building guitars in 1982 because as a player he became interested in exploring new approachs to guitar design that could produce performance improvements. He has a doctorate in electrical engineering and science majors in physics and mathematics.

Commencing a detailed investigation of the physics and construction of stringed instruments in general, he applied his ideas to the construction of non-traditional (i.e Torres based) designs. The fruits of these endeavours were loud, responsive, well-balanced instruments.

In 1991 Simon left his career as a research scientist to build guitars full-time and continue their evolution. While Simon is not interested in building fully traditional instruments, the aesthetics and fundamental Mediterranean quality that attracted him to the guitar in the first place remain the guiding principle of his work.
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